1. 'Improved Bhattis' Enhanced Colour and Aroma of Large Cardamom
  2. Agro-forestry Brings back smile to Dhani Ram
  3. Broiler Goat Rearing Ensured livelihood security for the rural women
  4. Duck Rearing in Polythene Pond
  5. Duck rearing in village ponds enhanced towards livelihood in tribal areas Odisha
  6. Enhancing Rural Livelihood through Ornamental Fish Culture
  7. Farmer's innovation - An innovative irrigation technique for vegetable cultivation
  8. Farmers in South Garo Hills Secure Livelihood Through Technological interventions
  9. Mushrooms Brought Extra Income Generation to Farmers in North-Eastern Region
  10. Ornamental Bird Rearing Empowers Rural Women in 24 Parganas, West Bengal
  11. Production of Quality Seedlings Lead to Prestige and Prosperity
  12. Prosperity through Technology Interventions
  13. Sushil Kumar is now a Lakhpati Farmer, Thanks to Vegetables Pea
  14. Tamarind processing and marketing- Option for livelihood improvement
  15. Zero tillage in wheat saved resources and enhanced income