SAILENT ACHIEVEMENTS   Krishi Parivartan Yatra, May 11-18, 2014

In order to share the experiences of the entrepreneurs and cross-learn the ways and means of success in developing agri-business enterprises , Krishi Parivartan Yatra was organized at Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, Mathura and New Delhi. Started at Hyderabad on 11.5.2014, the Yatra culminated at New Delhi on 18.5.2014. The Yatra took beneficiaries from 50 best projects developed from various NAIP projects by train to five locations; where melas were also organized with a view to share their success stories with other farmers and entrepreneurs of the five states. The Yatra has served as an unique platform to share ways and means of success in converting technologies and innovations into successful business enterprises, meet other successful entrepreneurs/farmers across the country, meet and interact with the scientist, technocrats, development agencies, policy makers, bankers who play a critical role in the success of agri-business enterprises and to establish network with other participants and stakeholders.

Hyderabad (May 11, 2014)

At Hyderabad, the expo and meetings were held at the ICRISAT's premises wherein more than 200 farmers and entrepreneurs took part. Addressing the gathering at the inaugural session, Dr. D. Rama Rao, National Director, NAIP said that "Innovation in agriculture is widely considered as the key to achieve food security. To actualize this vast untapped potential of Indian agriculture, this Krishi Parivartan Yatra is being organized to bring to the fore, the unlimited opportunities that agriculture and agribusiness offer".

Representing Dr. William Dar, Director, ICRISAT, Ms. Joanna Kane-Potaka, Strategic Marketing and Communication Director, ICRISAT was present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering, Ms. Joanna Kane-Potaka said that "Our mission is to make smallholder farmers in the dry lands prosperous, not just self-sufficient. And that is why we are engaged in promoting an inclusive and technology-based entrepreneurship and agribusiness program,"

Speaking on the occasion, Shri SM Karuppanchetty, Chief Operating Officer, ICRISAT-ABI said that "ICRISAT's Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) Program has supported more than 200 agribusiness ventures and benefited over 500,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states. We have identified and supported some very good innovative products and technologies and taken them to the market. The Krishi Parivartan Yatra supports our goal to bring together the best of agri-ventures and enterprises to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers".

Parallel sessions and discussions were held, where NAIP farmer beneficiaries shared their success stories with about 200 farmers and entrepreneurs and promoted the tremendous potential of agribusiness in boosting the transformation of Indian agriculture. The train journey was flagged off from ICRISAT's global headquarters in Hyderabad for the five-city tour.

Nagpur (May 13, 2014)

On arrival from Hyderabad, the Krishi Parivartan team was accorded a warm welcome at the gate of GTC, CIRCOT by around 150 farmers, scientists and senior officers of Maharashtra. The Krishi Parivartan Mela was organized at the auditorium of National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Nagpur. The event witnessed participation of 34 yatris from across different states of the country and more than 150 local farmers. Videos and power point presentations of NAIP success stories were presented in the meeting and the yatris interacted with ICAR officials and other entrepreneurs.


Shri S.P. Ghugal, AFO, Bank of India, Nagpur, Dr. V.S. Ghonge, Associate Dean, CoA, Nagpur, Shri S.M. Karuppanchetty, COO, ABI-ICRISAT and Shri M.K. Sharma, President, Baja Steel Industries addressed the gathering during the inaugural session. The exhibition organized on the occasion showcased several products and technologies of NAIP. The members of Krishi Parivartan Yatra also showcased their technologies and products.

In the panel discussion on agribusiness opportunities in India, farmers and entrepreneurs from Nagpur interacted with the yatris. The selected Yatris , viz. Sarva Shri Haresh Patel from Gujarat, Kosari Gopal and Venkatesh from Andhra Pradseh, Anil Kumar from Uttar Pradesh, Chakradhar Das from Odisha, Joji from Kerala and Prafulla Hardia from Madhya Pradesh shared their experience and success stories. On demand from the farmers present in the audience, Shri Sultan Singh from Haryana and Shri Prem Chand from Rajasthan also shared their experience.

Bhopal (May 15, 2014)

On reaching the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal, the Yatris were accorded a warm and rousing welcome. A large number of farmers and entrepreneurs were present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Pitam Cahndra, Director, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering stressed the importance of innovation in agriculture and growing potential in agri-business field. He thanked all the Yatris and participants and whished them all the best in taking innovations in agriculture to new heights. Dr. P.J. Sudhakar, Additional Director General, Press Information Bureau, Bhopal commended upon the valuable contribution of  Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal in promoting entrepreneurship among the farmers in the country, especially in Madhya Pradesh. The Yatris shared their experience and put forward some queries, which were answered by Dr. Avinash Chandra Saxena, Prinicpal Scientist, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering.

Mathura ( May 17, 2014)

The Krishi Parivartan Yatra and mela was organised at Central Institute for Research on Goat (CIRG), Mathura. A large number of farmers from Mathura and nearby areas were present on the occasion. Dr. A.C. Varshney, vice Chanceloor, Uttar Pradesh Pandit Deen Dayal Upadyay Veterinary University graced the occasion as chief guest. Dr. S.K. Dubey, In-Charge, Water and Soil Conservation Centre, Chaleswar , Agra , Dr. S.K. Aggarwal, Director, CIRG, Dr. R. P. Mishra, Training Coordinator, NAIP, New Delhi, Dr. S.K. Warik, Principal Scientist, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar were also present on the occasion.

A total number of 105 farmers and entrepreneurs participated and showed keen interest in the proceedings of the day. In his welcome address, Dr. S.K. Aggarwal, Director, SIRG  said that the idea behind the Krishi Parivartan Yatra was to sensitise the farmers about various technological innovations carried out by NAIP in agriculture sector and stressed that by concentrating on agriculture and livestock development, the country can achieve food security. He also stressed the need for proper management in nthe agriculture and livestock sector for achieving better results.

Dr. S.K. Warik, Principal Scientist, IVRI in his address  said that 34 farmers associated with fishery, livestock, crop and horticulture from 11 states have been selected by ICAR for their innovative contribution.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. R. P. Misra, Principal Scientist, NAIP,  New Delhi threw light on Agriculture production and new concept of marketing. Dr. S. K. Dubey,  In-Charge, Water and Soil Conservation Centre, Chaleswar elaborated on the necessity of soil conservation in flood prone areas and gave detailed information to the farmers.

In his address, Dr. A.C. Varshney, Vice Chanceloor, Uttar Pradesh Pandit Deen Dayal Upadyay Veterinary University said that research carried out in the agriculture sector has boosted the agriculture production in the country.

In the second session, deliberations and discussions were held on the success stories of NAIP. The farmers and Yatris interacted with the scientists. The farmers and Yatris evinced keen interest in the mela organised by NAIP in association with IVRI and Indian Crop processing Institute, Tanjavore .The yatris shared their experience and views with the farmers of Mathura and nearby area present at the function.

New Delhi (May 18, 2014)

The Krishi Parivatran Yatra after touring four states culminated at NAS Complex, Pusa, New Delhi on 18th May, 2014. In the evening, the Agi Biz Idols and Yatris of Krishi Parivartan Yatra were accorded a rousing welcome at NAS Complex. The entire area reverberated with the sound of Dhol and the participants danced to the tune of the dhol. The yatris and business idols were garlanded and in a procession, they were taken to A.P. Shinde Hall.

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE & Dirctor General, ICAR, Dr. D. Ram Rao, National Director, NAIP, Dr. Kiran Sharma, CEO, AIP-ICRISAT and Dr. P.S. Pandy, National Coordinator, NAIP were present on the occasion. Dr. D. Rama Rao, National Director, NAIP welcomed the gathering and gave an overview of the programme. Dr. Kiran Sharma, CEO, AIP-ICRIST delivered the special address. Ten best 10 business ideas shortlisted for the final round during the agri business idol camps conducted at Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatre and Anand were presented by the Agri-business Idols, out of which two best business ideas were selected for the first and second position. The business idea viz.Veg Sav – Bacteriophages based technology for preventing vegetables from post harvest losses by V. Ponvizhi Ramya & R. Selastin Antony from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore bagged the first position and the business idea FishPaneerTM – Surimi based value added fish products by Mr Joshi Kumar Khangembam from CIFE, Mumbai bagged the second position.

The Yatris shared their experience and interacted with the NAIP team and scientists. The Yartis expressed their satisfaction on organising Krishi Parivartan Yatra and said that this has given them a learning experience.